After the depletion of one’s Reaper into Rannoch, brand new geth are poor and Admiral Han’Gerrel launches a full struck

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After the depletion of one’s Reaper into Rannoch, brand new geth are poor and Admiral Han’Gerrel launches a full struck

The fresh new geth unit Shepard and you may Tali saved throughout the geth dreadnought, possibly Legion alone, or an effective Geth VI developed within the likeness, attempts to publish the fresh new Reaper password in order to promote most of the intelligences away from the latest geth collective: a work that would repair the fresh geth so you can full strength, finding brand new quarian fleet unaware and you can leading to its depletion.

In the event the Shepard lets the fresh new geth is updated, Tali observe when you look at the headache because the she witnesses brand new entirety of the Migrant Fleet freeze and burn up within the Rannoch’s atmosphere. Full of anxiety, she removes this lady hide, announces „I’m very sorry“, and you can commits committing suicide from the putting by herself out of good cliff. Shepard tries desperately to catch the girl however, so you can no get.

Tali was mollified at this and thank you EDI for her advice on Normandy

If the Shepard ends the brand new geth tool out of uploading the brand new password, it will become hostile and you can Tali was compelled to stab they with her boot knife to keep Shepard. When the Legion is alive and you may Shepard convinces the new quarians to halt the attack, peace is attained involving the quarians and also the geth, and you can Tali watches unfortuitously because Legion sacrifices by itself to offer autonomy to all the geth, however ahead of guaranteeing that cure for Legion’s question-if the geth possess souls-is actually ‚Yes‘.

If Shepard made a decision to front into quarians along the geth, in place of viewing guarantee the new winnings reminds Tali of one’s loss she incurred: their people into the Haestrom, her father, as well as Legion if your platform are to. She initiate considering she actually ready to calm down yet ,.

Shepard is step-in and you will reason having possibly group, however the outcome is the same: zero medications on quarians

In most instances when she endures brand new wake, Tali chooses to rejoin brand new Normandy, knowing that she’d getting assaulting on her behalf homeworld. Before leaving Rannoch, she takes off the lady cover up to see the newest sunset.

While on the latest Citadel, Tali coordinates the lady mans affairs towards the turians. Shepard will find the lady towards Presidium Commons talking to a functionary, both an effective diplomat otherwise a great clerk with respect to the big date.

Through to the competition for Rannoch, Tali contends that have an effective diplomat to possess scientific provides, however the turian claims that they have nothing to spare. Tali explains brand new quarians are prepared to pay which many often perish without having any medications, nevertheless the turian counters that with the newest lingering war and also the present were not successful coup the brand new turians on their own do not have far offers to bypass. Tali try thankful for the token assistance if Shepard sides which have the lady, or grudgingly concedes the fresh new turian’s section and you will says to brand new Commander she will talk after in the event the otherwise.

If she survived the battle to possess Rannoch, Tali gets new quarians‘ ambassador towards Citadel. Shepard discovers their talking-to a beneficial clerk, whom Tali relates to since one who declined this lady asylum when she acquired proof Saren’s treachery. The brand new turian does not acknowledge this lady and Tali decides to not ever encourage your, realizing that combat is no time for petty grudges.

Into the aftermission lulls, Tali tend to banters which have Garrus, EDI and you will Head Professional Adams. She and Garrus has multiple talks about their earlier objectives having Shepard.

Tali together with discussions having EDI regarding Reaper transformation of your some other events into husks, deliberating for the as to why they haven’t come transforming the latest quarians. EDI assurances her it is not that Reapers cannot imagine her or him helpful, as an alternative they own maybe not encountered Tali’s battle inside signifigant amounts. When Tali continues to be maybe not confident, EDI says to the woman that Normandy enjoys benefited significantly away from the girl options and that the brand new quarians is a highly wise battle having an astonishing talent to possess systems and you can technical.